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Star Wars Trilogy Dvd Hits Stores
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Reviewed on 2004-09-21
Star Wars fans have long awaited a DVD of the original Star Wars Trilogy. But hold on, this DVD features the special edition version that was updated in 1997. Purist fans cannot get a copy of the original films in DVD as shown in the theaters. Some of the changes are:

1. Lucas has inserted an image of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker into the final scene of "Return of the Jedi." It replaces the image of actor Sebastian Shaw from the original for consistency.

2. The updated computer generated talking scene in "Star Wars" between Jabba and Hans Solo is further enhanced to be even more realistic. Lucas comments in the Jedi film that he prefers digital imagery rather than using the puppets and marionettes from the first three films.

3. In the Cantina scene where Greedo and Hans face off, we now see them firing at the same time. In the original, Hans shot first. Lucas felt compelled to change it.

4. Many extras are added including a new 180-minute documentary, telling little-known facts about the Star Wars series of 9 films. All in all, fans are happy Lucas finally did it. After the new film comes out, who knows what else will happen. Probably we will see a single DVD on the new film, then a 9-film box set. Who knows, maybe Lucas will give in and release the original trilogy like it was originally shown in theaters. Fans would love this!

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