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First Time Director Jordon Roberts In K.C.
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Reviewed on 2004-11-02

Jordon Roberts was in town introducing fans to his new film Around The Bend. Michael Caine, Christopher Walken, Josh Lucas, and Jonah Bobo star in a flick inspired by the absentee father he hardly knew. It tells the story of four generations of men who are suddenly brought together by the chance to uncover the truth about their family's past. The journey takes them on a road trip full of surprises. Ample portions of comedy, dramatic moments and personal relationships flavor this fine film.

Director and writer Jordon Roberts visited with a roundtable of critics recently and expressed his intention to make an upbeat film about hope. This is Jordon's first film completing a project that was started 9 years ago. Shot on a small budget in 27 days, this film has excellent actors and a heartwarming story. He finalized the script shortly after his father's death and called this a reconciliation story. The music and photography are outstanding with some breathtaking sunset shots. Around the Bend warrants your attention. Don't miss it.

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