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Made Of Honor
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Reviewed on 2008-05-14
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Romance
Made of Honor stars the dashing Patrick Dempsey as Tom, the head of heels “made of honor”, who has fallen for the bride Hannah, portrayed by Michelle Monaghan. The film opens with Tom, who seems to be a bit of a womanizer. He meets up with his best friend Hannah, who is the only constant female in his life. Tom has many women friends, but there are rules if you are one. One of the rules being no dates two nights in a row, so that definitely tells you Tom is not the commitment type. The only commitment he has made is to his friend Hannah of many years. You see the connection between the two, a connection Tom does not realize until Hannah goes away to Scotland.

Tom realizes his true feelings for Hannah and has decided that upon her return he will reveal these to her. However, Hannah has a surprise for Tom. She brings home with her from Scotland, Colin (Kevin McKidd), her new fiancé. This is an immediate shock to Tom. Not only has he discovered his feelings, but he can now not reveal them and the woman he loves is getting married. What to do? Well what is better than to agree to be her made of honor and try to sabatoge the wedding from the inside. Tom becomes a true friend and made, covering all aspects of the wedding, hoping to impress Hannah. Will Tom be able to make it from just the Made to the Groom??

This was a fairy tale film of two best friends who have a chance of being perfect for each other. Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan had great performances. There was great chemistry between the two. Film was very well written and included all your average wedding problems and planning. Great scenic views of Scotland are offered throughout the film, as this is where the wedding is taking place. A great film to catch with your girlfriends or loved one. Mc Dreamy does not disappoint on the big screen.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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