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Kansas City Power & Light District - A Whole New Downtown
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Reviewed on 2009-06-15
Kansas City Power & Light District has been going strong for about 18 months now. It is still the place to be in the heart of the metro area. It has recently been getting a bad rep for its “dress code” and possible discrimination. I decided to make it a weekend of it and visited Kansas City Power & Light District on Friday and Saturday night. The last time I was a patron was in Sept. 2008 for a bachelorette party. I remember club hopping and winding up in the open floor dancing till the wee hours of the AM.

This weekend I started off my Friday evening at Raglan Road. The Rent, a local band that happens to be awesome, was playing a gig there. We saw the show and in between sets the Irish bar & grill would have an Irish jig performed on a table in the center of the room by one of their dancers. Raglan Road added to its authentic feel with this feature. We exited the back of Raglan Road and were able to access the main area of Power & Light District. For admittance you would need to provide your ID. Not overly crowded we wandered around for a bit, eventually heading back to Raglan Road. When we got our tab closed at the bar we found the drinks to be a little overpriced. A cocktail you could get for $6 out at Power & Light was $9 at Raglan Road. Get your drinks in the “Living Room”, the main open area of Power & Light and enjoy the entertainment at the establishments. It was a night full of fun with great friends.

Saturday night it was GIRLS ONLY. Arriving at Power & Light around 10pm parking was a little hard to find. When we arrived at the district there were tons of people. This is KC’s new happening hangout. You can find so much to do here and with diverse clubs it is a great place to hangout at for the weekend. My favorite drink of the evening was Malibu & Pineapple, delicious. FUEGO offered a free shot to females purchasing drinks. While dancing the night away servers stroll about the “Living Room” offering drinks to patrons, possibly one of the best features of the dancing area. We made our way to PBR, one of the country clubs, and entered with no cover charge. Once inside I was determined to ride the bull. I did ride it, but not so graciously. The evening was a blast. There were singles, couples, bachelorette’s partying and even a bride in her wedding gown! Fun could be had by all. I know that I had a lot more fun this time around and can’t wait to go back. Check out downtown Kansas City and all the updates it has to offer. It is a whole new downtown, where all the excitement is at!

Review By:
Jolene Mendez

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