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Do You Remember 35 Years Ago? Moon Landing
July 20th marked the anniversary of the first moon landing when Neil Armstrong stepped off the Eagle...
Up Close And Personal With Saddam
Vince Koehler recalls two stories about Saddam, the evil ruler of Iraq.

First is an interview ...

Bob Keeshan, Captain Kangaroo, Dies At 76
Farewell to one of TV's pioneers, the beloved Bob Keeshan who played Captain Kangaroo and Clarabell ...
Michael J. Fox Returns
Michael J. Fox will return to TV next month in two episodes of "Scrubbs". TV critics, in their 39th...
Battlestar Galactica
Remember the old color space TV shows like "Battlestar Galactica" and "Buck Rogers"? I was a big f...
Navy Ncis Will Sweep You Away!
Another of the new TV shows I like is Navy NCIS. It is a combination of JAG and CSI, a crime drama ...
24 Rules!
Another of the new TV shows I like is 24, which just started up again for a third season. Three yea...
Two And A Half Men
Another of the new TV shows I like is "Two and a Half Men" on CBS Mondays at 9:30. Charlie Sheen an...
Future Of The Star Trek Empire, The
We reported earlier that Star Trek might be in trouble. Scott Bakula, star of UPN's "Enterpri...
Robert Stack Passed Away At Age 84
Robert Stack who was best known for his portrayal of Elliott Ness in the long running TV Show The U...
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