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Future Of The Star Trek Empire, The
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Reviewed on 2003-08-26
We reported earlier that Star Trek might be in trouble. Scott Bakula, star of UPN's "Enterprise," told us about the drastic changes being made to the 3rd season. That's right, the show is about to roll the dice, to try and keep the 37-year-old Star Trek franchise alive and kicking. It won't be easy. "Enterprise" lost a third of its audience last season. The most recent movie grossed just $43 million at the box office, the worst showing in the franchise's history. Rick Berman, the show's executive producer, won't admit the franchise is in trouble. They tried listening to the viewers about improving the show. The improvements started with the last show of the season when a bunch of nasty aliens called the "Xindi attacked Earth with a devastating weapon. It chewed up a good chuck of the planet from Florida to South America. An Enterprise with beefed-up weapons and a crew bent on revenge chased them into a very dangerous part of space - the Delphic Expanse - where the Xindi were working on an even more dangerous weapon. Kind of sounds like the Death Star from Star Wars, doesn't it? Executive producer Brannon Braga (who with Berman has produced 560- "Star Trek" TV episodes) claimed that this show would be action packed. This sounds good to me. I thought too many of the episodes last year dragged a bit. The 3rd season will deal only with the mission to the Delphic Expanse. Never before has a Star Trek season been based on one mission. How novel! Remember, this series is a prequel with events taking place 100 years before James T. Kirk captained the Enterprise. Space travel is still in its infancy. The original idea sounded good, with early weapons, transporters that were not 100% reliable, and Vulcan's only somewhat friendly. I am anxious to see the new season. They reran the season finale introducing the new bad guys and their destructive weapon. Now lets see if the action packed new season will keep this starship afloat.

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