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American Idol: How Much More Of Sanjaya Will America Have To Put Up With?
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Reviewed on 2007-04-13
How much more of Sanjaya will America have to put up with? Another week gone by and he has not even been in the bottom three. How is this possible?? Is the viewing audience just that, viewing and hard of hearing. This kid does not have talent, at least not talent to be added to a label and allowed to produce a record. There are so many talented singers on American Idol, for example Jordin Sparks, LaKisha Jones, Melinda Doolittle and my personal favorite Blake Lewis. My fear is that the great singers are being overlooked and may quickly be voted off based on popularity votes. It has become American Idol's responsibility to come up with a way to prevent this show from loosing its credentials as a singing competition. They need to find a way to calculate the votes while including votes from the judges. If something does not change I believe it could change the outcome of the show. Only time will tell. These shows are unpredictable, but in all honesty this show is here to find America's best singer and Sanjaya is not THE ONE. With only 7 hopefuls left anything is possible.

By Jolene Mendez

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