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I Am So Lost With Lost
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Reviewed on 2007-04-12
I am so lost with LOST. I am fed up with the storylines this show has brought to the table. After watching 04/11 episode I have pretty much had it. Yet another episode with plots opened and still not closed. So far in the pass three weeks we have found out how Locke was paralyzed, after being thrown out of a window by his father. Come to find out, surprise surprise, Lockeís father is on the island too!! That was two weeks ago. And there has been no follow up since then. We have also learned that Nikki & Paulo are two scheming thieves, after poisoning a man they took off with his diamonds. Using medusa spiders to resolve their conflict over the diamonds, the two were paralyzed for eight hours, long enough to bury them alive. Are they dead or alive?? Another puzzle piece added. And now this week we learn Juliet has trekked to the other side of the island with Jack & Kate as a spy for the others. Why she is doing it and the reasons behind it are still a mystery. I guess this is the purpose of the show to give a little and keep reeling you in, but eventually this will get OLD. How many more open ended stories do you need to have? At least close one chapter before opening another. With only seven episodes remaining letís hope we donít get left with seven new cliffhangers.

By: Jolene Mendez

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