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Greys Anatomy Debuted Their Spin-Off This Pass Thursday.
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Reviewed on 2007-05-07
Grey’s Anatomy debuted their spin-off this pass Thursday. This new series would center around Addison Shepherd (Kate Walsh). She traveled to Los Angeles and met up with an old friend in her practice. In this practice there is a psychologist, a naturalist, and the self helper. The show was two hours long to cover all the bases of Grey’s and the possible spin off. I have not heard the viewing audience’s reviews yet, but I must admit I disliked this attempt. I found the spin off unbelievable and lacked a certain amount of drama Grey’s Anatomy has. The cast has no real connectivity or charisma that the actors on Grey’s Anatomy have. The direction and filming were not superb and seemed to jump around was too much. Not to mention the comical liners were not there. It seemed like a bad attempt and I am hoping they do not proceed with the idea. Taking Addison out on her own would be suicide and she would be sorely missed from Grey’s Anatomy.

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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