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Two And A Half Men
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Reviewed on 2003-10-28
Another of the new TV shows I like is "Two and a Half Men" on CBS Mondays at 9:30. Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones star in this sitcom that is very entertaining. Charlie plays an unflappable playboy and John Cryer plays his always-flustered brother. My wife and I met John in Las Vegas a few years ago at ShowWest (a convention for movie theatre owners). We found him personable and friendly. Charlie is a rich jingle writer with a Malibu beach house and a stable of Malibu Barbie's to keep him happy. Life seems perfect until his headed-for-divorce brother Alan (Cryer) turns up at this door with 10-year-old Jake (Jones) in tow. When Charlie has to keep the kid, his life takes a turn. The two begin to bond when Jake finds out Charlie wrote some of his favorite cereal jingles. Alan worries his son may be exposed to Charlie's playboy ways. Each week the show is great and should do well in the ratings.

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