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Comedy City In Kansas City
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Reviewed on 2007-02-08
HA, HA, HEE, HEE!!! This is the kind of thing YOU would be doing while visiting the best improvisational comedy troupe in Kansas City, Comedy City. Comedy City has been around for 20 years and they do not plan on quitting anytime soon. They specialize in comedy sports themed shows where they play improvisational games with sport-like rules. There is a lot of audience participation and tons of craziness which makes for a very entertaining evening.

On Monday, February 5th, I had the pleasure to attend a very special show at Comedy City. They held a birthday party for themselves and invited email club members to attend a free show, have some cake and eat it too! I had a great time listening to the history of how the troupe was started and all of the interesting sacrifices the owners had to go through in order to run a successful business. And of course, they performed for 2 hours which was definitely worth the money (heehee)! If you have never seen this show before, I suggest you buy your tickets to the next show and be ready to laugh your backside off! Why are you still reading this? Go get your tickets!

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Chris Moran, Entertainment Spectrum

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