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 The Movie Guy's Weekly Top 5 Flick Picks
2.The Sessions
3.Trouble with the Curve
4.Perks of Being a Wallflower
5.Liberal Arts

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Branson Family Trip

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Best And Worst Movies Mid-Year 2011

It is hard to believe 2011 is halfway over. The year began with “True Grit” leading a...

Best And Worst Movies Of 2011
It has been my pleasure over the past year to serve as the discerning eyes and ears at the movies fo...
Britney Spears As Daisy -The Dukes Of Hazard Movie
Update on Dukes of Hazard Movie 08-26-2003
Buy Online Movies
Downloading online movies and TV programs from the Web is becoming more and more popular with consum...
(Coming to DVD and VHS January 18th) Experience sexy, action-packed excitement like never befor...
Chasing Liberty A Winner!
Warner's comedy is worth adding to your collection. It's romance on the run starring sensational Ma...
Clifford'S Really Big Movie
Kids love this big red dog that has captured their hearts from Norman Bridwell's books and the TV se...
Confessions Of A Hollywood Publicist
Daniel D. Meyers, APR Four-Star Press, Kansas City

Recently some local movie theaters announc...

Dvd News Matchstick Men
Warner Home Video is pleased to introduce the critically acclaimed film on DVD and VHS on February 2...
Fall Movies - Dodging Blockbusters: Flash Of Genius And The Express, The
Based On a True Story
Fall Movies - Dodging the Blockbusters

Studios seem to have only a ...

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