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Passion Of Christ Has Been Getting An Amazing Amount Of Air And Print Time, The
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Reviewed on 2004-02-23
THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST has been getting an amazing amount of air and print time. Mel Gibson is out promoting the film to churches and blitzing the media. The Ash Wednesday opening is appropriate and the interest is at an all time peak. Jim Caviezel was hand picked by Mel Gibson to play Jesus. During his initial conversation with Mel, he accepted immediately. When he told Mel his initials were J.C. and he was 33, Mel said "You're freaking me out man". Rod Handley of Kansas City recounted how he met the star back in the 1980's when he was a young JV basketball player. Today Jim is one of Hollywood's young and rising stars, and now he is honored to be playing the title role of Jesus Christ. Last week Jim spoke with Rod by phone for over 25 minutes. Jim specifically has asked for a lot of prayer because this movie is under attack. He couldn't share details but hinted at death threats against himself and Mel. He hopes the Christian community will "show up" in force to view the movie and to invite EVERYONE to attend with them. He urges people go the website:

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