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Dvd News Matchstick Men
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Reviewed on 2004-02-24
Warner Home Video is pleased to introduce the critically acclaimed film on DVD and VHS on February 24th. The special limited edition 2-Disk DVD/CD set contains the Matchstick Men soundtrack featuring a captivating score by Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer as well as a wonderful compilation of songs from the film, including "The Good Life"(Bobby Darin), Tijuana Taxi" (Herb Alpert), "Swedish Rhapsody" (Montovani), and others. You can also buy a single disc with the movie itself.

The story is about Roy (Nicolas Cage) and his protégé Frank (Sam Rockwell), a couple of small-time con artists (aka "Matchstick Men") who are on the verge of their most lucrative swindle. Roy's private life however is a mess. He is an obsessive-compulsive agoraphobe (and chain-smoker) with no personal relationships to speak of…that is until he learns he has a 14 year old daughter Angela (Alison Lohman). Now Angela wants in on the partnership - but that could seriously jeopardize Roy's peace of mind and his whole way of life. The Matchstick Men DVD has the following behind-the-scenes bonus features:

1. Tricks of the Trade - a sneak peek at the making of the film involving PreProduction, Production and Postproduction.

2. Theatrical trailer.

3. Audio commentary by director/producer Ridley Scott, writer Nicholas Griffin and writer/producer Ted Griffin.

Get your own DVD or VHS copy at

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