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Movie Director Hits Kansas City - Martha Coolidge
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Reviewed on 2004-03-31
Martha Coolidge, Director of a great new family film "The Prince & Me" was in Kansas City recently to talk about her career and the new film. In an interview with the press, she pointed out how difficult it was to succeed in a male dominated field. Everyone told her she was crazy to continue. She didn't give up and had to raise her own money to start.

Later she came to Hollywood and her first successful hit was "Valley Girl", coming 18 long years after her first student film. She remembered her grandmother was an early investor in her films putting up $3000, which she was glad the film did well and she could pay her back. Martha fell in love with this new film about falling in love. It has a good script, a fairy tale human-interest story. In this world of depressing movies, people want to see a fun move that is upbeat and goes back to the roots of first love. Julia Styles was her first choice and provided the strong character needed to follow her career in spite of a regal romance. Next came Luke Mabley to play the Prince in disguise. Great actors, complex layering and careful use of the right music and score have marked Coolidge's films right from the start. She was charming and a real thrill to interview.

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