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Another Director Hits Kansas City - Mark Gordon
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Reviewed on 2004-04-30
Mark is the director of a fabulous new film "Her Majesty" now playing at the Glenwood Arts theatre at Metcalf South. His script was written 16 years ago and refined over the years. He wanted to direct it himself and go to New Zealand to film it. Films like "The Gods Must be Crazy" and "Cinema Paradesio" inspired him. The story centers on Elizabeth, a 13-year-old girl from the fictional town of Middleton in New Zealand who wrote the Queen of England begging her to visit her small village. The year is 1953 and Queen Elizabeth eventually does visit the small town. Along the way we meet the town people, examine relationships within young Elizabeth's family, and see several layers of relationships. Especially interesting is her attraction to Hira Mata, a very old Maori woman who, as the last of her generation, has few endearing feelings for the British Monarchy. A strong relationship develops between the 13 year old and this old woman, but her rundown shack posed an eyesore on the route of the parade for the Queen's visit.

Director Mark Gordon was astonished, when in his search for a town to use in the film; he came across a park plaque in the city of Cambridge attesting to the Queen's visit in 1953. He was able to utilize many of the actual townsfolk, who were children at the time, to act as extras in the climatic crowd scene at the end of the movie. Talented, behind the scenes film professionals, fresh from filming "The Lord of the Rings" were available to help on this production. Many awards have already been bestowed on "Her Majesty" including: Three New Zealand Film Awards, Audience Award for best Feature Film at the Newport Beach Film Festival, Audience Award for Best International Feature, World Cinema Naples. The Rotary Club of Kansas City has gotten behind this film kicking off the opening with a benefit Thursday, April 29th with director Mark Gordon who was on hand to answer questions for this event and all shows on opening day Friday.

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