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Memories Of Ronald Reagan
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Reviewed on 2004-06-07
Back in 1976, my wife and I went to the old Alameda Plaza hotel with our 4 young kids to see Ronald Reagan campaigning for president. I was amazed at the crowd as we opened the door to the large ballroom. Reagan looked even better in person than on TV. His remarks were positive and uplifting.

In our excitement to hear Reagan's speech, we turned our attention away from our kids for a moment. Then we realized our 5-year-old son, Paul was missing. We all spread out and began frantically searching the hotel fearing he may have been kidnapped. To our surprise, a security guard took us to a room and there was Paul, having a great time drinking a can of pop and eating goodies as he joked with the security men. When we picked him up, he hesitated and asked to stay for a little while. What a scare and what a day to remember.

I am sure everyone remembers Reagan and what a great president he was, lifting the spirit of America up to new heights when we most needed it. Our oldest son was so impressed with Reagan that he named his first son Reagan Koehler. In fact President Reagan died on their 10-year wedding anniversary.

Three of my sons have made Eagle scouts. Vince and Paul had their certificate signed by President Reagan, and John, our youngest had his signed by President Clinton.

Michael Reagan was in town recently and gave an inspirational talk about the respect for life for the Vitae Caring Foundation. He included stories about his father's life and told how close they were in the last few years. He related to terrible toll Alzheimer diseases had taken on his father. Michael related how early on the two were not close. Then one day he gave his dad a hug and said "Dad, I love you" Ronald replied "I love you too son" and hugged him back. From that point on he always told his dad how much he loved him and they hugged. During his fathers fight with this terrible disease, one time after a visit he forgot to give his dad the usual hug and Ron followed Michael out to the door and held his arms up until he came back and gave the hug he so badly wanted This brought tears to the crowd.

It was refreshing to see the TV coverage and share the many memories of a great man. (Picture above is my wife and I posing with Michael Reagan at the Vitae Caring Foundation dinner in Overland Park.) (Picture below is Michael Reagan posing with my 3 sons and I. From left to right, Vince Koehler, Vince Jr., Michael Reagan, Paul Koehler and John Koehler).

Michael Reagan with the Koehler's

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