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Samantha: An American Girl Holiday Dvd
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Reviewed on 2004-12-06
(Available From Warner Home Video November 30th) Meet a living doll in this live-action film based on the best-selling character from American Girl's highly successful book and 18-inch doll collection. This story follows a nine-year-old orphan being raised by her wealthy and proper grandmother in 1904 New York, a time of great change in America. While she is well loved and cared for, Samantha is a little lonely living in Grandmary's big house.

Things liven up when Uncle Gard comes to visit. Then a young servant girl Nellie comes to work at the house next door and they become friends, in spite of the fact they are from two different worlds. The holiday season brings them many surprises. In the end both girls find happiness.

The DVD has many special features such as a featurette including footage from the wedding scene in the movie, an American Girl Place Tour with a sneak peek at everything that American Girl Place has to offer, from the Doll Hair Salon to the Café. Enjoy some musical numbers and a ROM link to

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