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Antarctica At The Imax
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Reviewed on 2006-08-11
Antarctica The IMAX Theatre at the Kansas City Zoo is offering a very entertaining film called Antarctica. I enjoyed it so much especially watching the Penguins in their swimming formations underwater and their speed of darting back and forth. The underwater cameras have caught the most delightful choreography along with music to fit the spectacular. You cannot realize how cleaver their underwater manoeuvres are until you see them. The cameramen could not stay underwater long because of the extreme cold water.

The whole film is a bit of history of expeditions back to 1912, lots of wildlife, science experiments, knowledge to learn about the continent and its ecology. The scenes were spectacular of the icy wonders. The cameras go first into the deep crevasses and then the climbers decent so you can see how it was done. In order to make this film just think of the extreme weather conditions that they had to contend with plus the cameras are very heavy.

You can call 816-513-IMAX (2629) or go to for information. Also showing at the IMAX are "Mystic India" and "Into the Deep". All three are excellent films. Give yourself a treat and go see the IMAX!

By Marieann Koehler

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