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Top 10 Movies Of Summer 2007 Coming To Dvd
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Reviewed on 2007-10-22

With the leaves now falling to the ground during the season changes, we now anticipate the new DVD releases including all the summer hits. To prepare you for the cold winter nights in, here is a list of the top ten summer flicks hitting the store shelves very soon.

By Jolene Mendez

10. The Simpson's Movie - A comedy riot brought from the small screen to the big screen. Great for kids of all ages and adults too!!

9. Live Free or Die Hard - Much anticipated action packed thriller. Bruce Willis proves he still packs a punch.

8. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - A magical and powerful coming-of-age story. Fascinating entertainment for the whole family.

7. Evan Almighty - Superb family comedy, with magnificent meaning. Heartwarming story about bringing a family together.

6. Ocean's Thirteen - Another exciting caper to be carried out by some of Hollywood's finest. Outshines the second installment and offers plenty of laughs.

5. Spider Man 3 - Hands down the best trilogy of the summer. Chocked full of special effects and action. Excitement for all.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End - More amazing adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow. Captivating audiences with special effects and a wonderful mix of romance, drama and action.

3. Knocked Up - A fresh and honest comedy from the famous Judd Apatow. Comical masterpiece straight from the heart.

2. Transformers - Exhilarating for the entire family. Action is packed into every second, never offering a dull minute.

1. The Bourne Ultimatum - Edge of your seat thriller. Excitement with every action stunt. Third time is the charm and here's hoping for more of Bourne.

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