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The Box
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Reviewed on 2009-11-21
Received[1]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Director Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) attempts to regain fame in his latest thriller, "The Box". Things don't seem to be going his way in this dull tale which includes a mixed bag of conspiracy, deformities, nosebleeds and hypnotic "employees" packaged together in a 70's theme design complete with awful polyester and nauseating wallpaper. Cameron Diaz is Norma, a teacher who has just learned her pocket book is getting hit with tuition fees for her son next semester. James Marsden is Arthur, the husband who works for NASA has just learned he will not get the promotion he seeks as he failed the psychological exam. Their lives have pretty much come to a financial halt.

Suddenly an early morning present arrives in the form of a mysterious box. Apparently in the 1970's there were no concerns of explosives as the couple take the unmarked package into their home and open it quickly. Curiosity sets in as the box holds another box locked with a button under a glass globe and a note from a Mr. Steward. The couple is unsure of who Mr. Steward is and the meaning of the box. The box's purpose is revealed when Mr. Arlington Steward (Frank Langella) pays a visit and informs Norma that the box holds a life altering opportunity.

Mr. Steward hands over a key to the box that opens it to display the button. Should the couple decide to push the button another unknown person will die. In exchange the couple will receive $1 million dollars cash. As always there is a catch. They have twenty four hours to decide and must not tell anyone of this encounter. In the end all decisions come with consequences. The consequence for me was the mind and time wasted.

As a Donnie Darko fan I had high hopes for another success. The trailer offered an intriguing tale of a mysterious box. In the end it was a box full of boredom. The film left so many loose ends all over the place. Disturbing zombie characters showing the peace sign with bleeding noses, unexplained Mars transmissions, and salvation paths made from huge water pods. Things that make you go hmm. Not to mention the horrible Pink Panther like music that had my ears bleeding. I kept holding on hoping for a pace change or something interesting to happen but was left with a box of nothing. The performances were awkward, especially Cameron Diaz who needs to stick to her slap stick comedies as her serious mothering roles do not suit her. Don't waste your time in seeing what's in the box, as this box is best left unwrapped.

Review By:
Jolene Mendez


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