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Bad Santa
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Reviewed on 2003-11-25
Received[2.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Crime
Billy Bob Thornton plays a department store Santa from hell in a black comedy that both delights and offends. This black comedy is about a disgruntled department store Santa who mistreats the kids and stakes out the place for a robbery. Terry Zwigoff directs and Bernie Mac and Lauren Graham co-star. Miramax has stressed "Don't bring the kids." Since they would see a drunken Santa who used four-letter words and insults almost everyone. Billy Bob plays Willie, a slovenly shopping mall Santa thief who works with his sidekick elf, a dwarf named Marcus (Tony Cox) Marcus is the brains behind their scheme as they stake out a mall while playing Santa to the kiddies, then they plan to break in and steal from the store. John Ritter in his last film plays store manager Bob Chipeska, a straight man to Billy Bob. Bernie Mac is the security guard who's onto the Santa Scheme, having followed his trail for 7 years. Brett Kely plays the loser kid. This movie can offend, but many find the black humor funny. Use your own judgment.

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