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Against The Ropes
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Reviewed on 2004-02-23
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Drama
Meg Ryan plays the real-life boxing manager Jackie Kallen, who struggles to make it in a man-dominated sport. Omar Epps, who visited Kansas City, recently, plays the young boxer she nurtures to a championship bout. Charles S. Dutton directs this film. Also starring are Tony Shalhoub as Midwest boxing kingpin Sam La Rocca, Tim Daly as TV sports reporter Gaven Ross, Charles S. Dutton as veteran trainer Felix Reynolds, Joe Cortese as Irving Abel, Kallen's boss and Kerry Washington as Kallen's best friend and co-worker at the Cleveland Coliseum. Charles S. Dutton also directs this exciting boxing drama. At age 36, Jackie steps away from her job as an executive secretary to follow her dream and get into the management of boxing talent. This happens when she wins a boxer's contract for a $1 and propels him into the boxing spotlight. Meg does a great job portraying the sassy, brassy Jackie Kallen and Omar Epps does a fine job as the boxer she handles.

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