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Spider-Man 2
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Reviewed on 2004-06-30
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back burning up the big screen with the best super hero movie I have seen so far. The movie has an excellent story, real character development, superior special effects, and great acting. I even liked the bad guy "Doc Ock". Seldem is a sequel superior to the original, but in this case they pulled it off magnificently.

The original cast is reunited and includes Tobey Maquire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Rosemary Harris and J.K. Simmons under the capable direction of Sam Raimi. Alfred Molina plays the villainous "Doc Ock". Other new entries include Vanessa Ferlito as Louise, Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Conners and Donna Murphy as Rosalie Octavious.

Two years have passed since the mild-mannered Peter Parker (Maguire) left Mary Jane Watson (Dunst) and faced his responsibility as Spider-Man. This time Peter must face new challenges as he tries to balance a normal life in college with his special powers. Mary Jane has moved on to a career as an actress and a new man in her life. A new villain (Doc Ock) pushes Peter into action again.

The original "Spider-Man" has grossed more than $820 million worldwide and is the fifth highest grossing movie in U.S. history. Spider-Man is based on Marvels executive Stan Lee, who first appeared in 1962 in the last issue of Amazing Fantasy comic book. The comic was renamed the Amazing Spider-Man and reappeared in March 1963. From there he became one of the most popular super heroes of all times.

I met Stan Lee in Kansas City at one of the Comic Conventions and was very impressed with his enthusiasm over the super heroes he developed. Aunt May (Harris) has a big part in the new film and is wonderful. When Doc Ock sweeps her off her feet and takes her up a tall building, she fights back with her umbrella showing great courage.

The fiery newspaper editor Jonah Jamison (Simmons) has an expanded part and amazed me with his quick wit and one liners.

New York is seen in more detail and some of the shots from the air are incredible. You get to see the city from Spider-Man's point of view. The runaway subway scene is one of the best action sequences I have seen. In short, don't miss it.


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