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Team America: World Police
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Reviewed on 2004-10-18
Received[1.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure / Comedy
The creators of South Park are at it again, this time with a crude parody of Jerry Bruckheimer's TV kids puppet action-hero show "Thunderbirds". You will witness some funny bits, especially those involving North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who is scheming to blow up the world with the help of terrorists. Many Hollywood actors and even Michael Moore are targets of Parker and Stone, who claim to be equal opportunity offenders.

The plot involves Team America, an elite squad of American patriots obliterating anyone who stands in their way. The team gets wind that North Korea leader Kim Jong I1 has been selling his WMDs to terrorists in a plot to rule the world. Another threat arises when the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G.), led by Alec Baldwin and joined by many of Hollywood's elite, conspire with the Korean leader to spread their liberal messages to the world.

This movie offends with bad language, explicit sex scenes, and violence. The film had a NC-17 rating unitl they cut down on some of the graphic puppet sex. Now it is just and R but still plenty raunchy. Many other critics have praised it, but I find it hard to enjoy a film so offensive. Be sure to keep kids away.

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