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The Phantom Of The Opera
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Reviewed on 2005-01-05
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / Musical / Romance
This production has been one of my favorite musicals on the stage and I wondered how it would translate to the big screen. Having seen the Phantom twice in Kansas City at the Music Hall and once in London, my hopes were high.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed with this masterpiece. The movie mixes black and white scenes from 1919 with brilliant color scenes from 1870's. The lead is played by an 18 year old (Emmy Rossum) with a voice from heaven. Gerard Butler plays the Phantom and Patrick Wilson is a wealthy patron both fall hard for Cristine. Minne Driver is the temperamental Italian diva and Miranda Richardson is the ballet mistress who knows the secret of the "Angel of Music".

The Phantom you will remember is a disfigured musical genius that haunts the catacombs of the opera house, terrifying the ensemble of artists who work and live there. He discovers Christine is an innocent chorus girl who has extraordinary talents and does all he can to help her get the lead.

The sets are spectacular, the costumes colorful and the music magnificent. This undertaking was 15 years in the making as Andrew Lloyd Webber, director Joel Schumacher and Warner Bros. Pictures bring this celebrated stage musical to the big screen.

This is a lavish production best enjoyed at your favorite theater where the full effect of the music and ambiance can be enjoyed. It is also one to be enjoyed more than once.

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