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Believe In Me
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Reviewed on 2007-03-10
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
The movie is based on the true story of Jim Keith (The uncle of Jim wrote the novel). In the movie the coach is named Clay Driscoll played by Jeffrey Donovan. It starts out in the early 1960's with Clay taking a men's basketball coaching job for the Cyclones and teaching in Middleton, Oklahoma. When he starts school he finds that he would be coaching the women's team instead. He was in shock and wanted to quit because the women had a team that were not any good with a bad history of continuous losing seasons. This didn’t correlate well with Clay’s career goals to get ahead and the reason he took the job at the school was because their men’s basketball team would be a good stepping stone to succeed.

Clay’s wife, played by Samantha Mathis, sees the discourse and helps Clay see that the girls need him and urged him to give it a try. The Lady Cyclones team after a few loses, problems with some parents and the school board administration politics, tell their coach they know they’re not doing well but want to work really hard and be successful. They say they want to be on strict schedules and train just like the men's basketball team. Stunned by the enthusiasm Clay takes them to heart because he can see their passion and courage to work on their commitment and will to win ball games. Along this fantastic storyline the coach has many obstacles along the way especially with Ellis Brawley played by Bruce Dern. Brawley is a major school board member, banker, and town authority that makes all the decisions. He will not give the women’s team any type of financial support even the bare minimum of decent uniforms to play in. Through thick and thin Clay sticks with his commitment to the team to help them succeed.

See this great movie to see what happens and help cheer the Lady Cyclones to winning games. You will find it an evening well spent, uplifting with a lot of heartfelt feelings.

Review By: Marieann Koehler

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