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Reviewed on 2007-03-15
Received[1.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / Thriller
In Premonition Linda Hanson, portrayed by Sandra Bullock, is informed her husband has had a fatal accident only to awake and find he is alive the next day. The movie starts off strong but in the early stage of this film you find it has a lack of suspense. It does not build up much of a storyline before the paranormal happenings begin. Day one portrays Linda as the loving and dedicated mother and estranged wife. There is a noticeable strain in the relationship with her husband Jim, portrayed by Julian McMahon. Later in the opening day Linda receives a knock on the door by the sheriff in regards to her husbandís accident. Pretty much distraught for herself and her children Linda goes on with life in a trance for the remainder of the day until she awakes the next morning.

Linda comes into day two to discover her husband breathing and alive. Thinking the day prior was a dream Linda does not read much into it until she has a little dejavu. Then waking up again to find it is Jimís funeral only to awake to another day to discover Jim is alive, again. It is a repetitive game of life & death. Finally coming to the realization that her days are being relived out of order and in the end hoping she can prevent the tragic accident from happening.

Unfortunately in the end this movie did not live up to the trailer shown. It lacks a climax of the story and the characters are fully underdeveloped for the actors that portrayed them. I would not recommend this movie at this time Ė wait for the video.

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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