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Spider-Man 3
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Reviewed on 2007-05-04
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back burning up the big screen yet again. And just when I thought they couldnít create a better super hero movie, they do it again. The visual effects in Spider-Man were very impressive especially with the creation of the new villain Sandman whose bodily feature consisted of millions of sand particles. It was incredible to see the Sandman fight Spide- Man considering the details that had to be illustrated to make it look realistic. I also loved the new goo creature dark costume of the Venom character (Topher Grace). It was amazing to see how the spidery goo would gel itself onto the characterís costumes and turn one into evil.

Because of the addition of the mysterious goo creature it was great to see how it influenced the much needed aggressive Spider-Man to come out (when wearing the dark goo creature costume) in contrast of the normal nice boy character of Peter Parker that was getting old. It led to a good buildup of the character Venom in which Topher Grace nailed the role of being envious to Spider-Man. You will enjoy the fight scenes between the two.

The movie overall has an excellent story line, real character development, superior special effects, and great acting. I really liked the mix of action, romance and plot/character development to avoid the typical long drawn-out fight scenes in most cgi movies.

Everyone is expecting this latest Spider-Man to topple the first two movies that were already in the top grossing movies of all time. I believe itís going to happen and I highly recommend going to see this one at an Imax theatre. If you canít, you will still be amazed at the big screen. So spin your web to the theatres and get your dose of the Spider-Man 3 fever.

Review By: John Koehler

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