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Reviewed on 2007-04-28
Received[1.5]  out of 4 stars
Vacancy, probably one of the shortest & most intense films I have seen. Being a horror film junkie I went into this film expecting so much more. My expectations were met early on, but fell flat in the end. Opening scene is on the road with Amy & David Fox (Kate Beckinsale & Luke Wilson). It is obvious these two have a strained marriage. After running into some car troubles and having further problems after letting a strange mechanic look at the vehicle the two are left stranded on the road in the middle of nowhere. After the car dies the two decide to hike trail back to where they had just departed from. Back to where the mechanic shop is and a little dinky Motel.

Once back where they came from you are surrounded with the mysterious setting. You see the motel set aside and it is very dark and dingy. One of those motels you would dare never enter. Being desperate they go their looking for help, only to walk in and hear screaming, screaming of which the manager is watching on a video. With no help till morning the two decide to take up the manager’s offer for a room to stay overnight until morning. Soon after checking into the room the weirdness begins. Banging on the door and windows. After contacting the manager and being informed they are the only patrons their and that it is probably some kids messing around David’s uneasiness is settled.

Trying to kick back & relax in the situation they are in he pops in a video to watch. You soon see it is a slasher film and hear the screaming heard earlier from the manager’s office. David notices something array on the film and after studying it he points out the familiarities to his wife. The room the killings are happening in is the same room they are in. Not just on one video but on several. After searching the room David finds the hidden cameras and knows danger is coming.

This film started off strong. It gave you that old time horror movie feel. I was on the edge of my seat throughout. However, after you get half way through the film to the point of Amy & David trying to escape you are let down in the end. All the way through there is this animosity between this couple and never ending commentary. In the end you are just left there with a feeling of “What just happened?” The ending made this movie fall apart. The setting and direction was nailed perfectly and the actors were very dramatic which suited the scene very well. As always Luke Wilson offered a comical side and it was nice to see both Kate and Luke in a role that showcased their versatility. The first fifty minutes are great. The last thirty are so-so. I am hoping on the DVD they offer an alternate ending, it could change my whole opinion if there was a little bit more effort put into the end.

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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