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Georgia Rule
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Reviewed on 2007-05-11
Received[4]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Drama / Romance
What a pleasant and unexpected surprise was Georgia Rule. Lindsay Lohan is Rachel a California teen who is always looking for trouble, who is sentenced to a summer at her grandmother’s as punishment by her mother Lilly, portrayed by Felicity Huffman. Jane Fonda is Georgia, the grandmother, who takes in Rachel and is prepared to tame the wild teen. The story opens with Rachel yelling at her mother for taking her to Idaho to stay with her grandmother. You can tell right away this young girl is rambunctious and exorbitance. When Lilly and Georgia reunite it is apparent they are not close, they barely speak to each other and when they do it is as if they do not know how. After leaving behind her daughter’s belongings Lilly leaves without saying goodbye.

Rachel arrives to this quaint Idaho town with tons of energy and trouble to cause. She hits on the local doctor, seduces a young Mormon and breaks almost all of the “Georgia Rules”. Despite all of Rachel’s antics you see there is a reason behind them. You have a troubled young woman, that was pushed into this life of lies and you soon learn why. Lilly has not been the best at taking care of her daughter, she has been kept in the dark into why Rachel is the way she is, which is not hard to do when you have a drinking problem. Rachel has difficulties dividing the line between lies and the truth and what is right and wrong. This makes it very hard for people, especially her mother, to trust in her. Rachel reveals the secret that her step-father has been sexually abusing her since she was twelve up until she was fourteen, when a friend of hers threatened to kill him. Problem is can Rachel be trusted, is this another lie or the truth and when her step-father denies the allegations it makes it hard for her mother to believe her. Lilly does not know who to believe, if she believes her husband, it means her daughter is lying about something this horrible, and if she believes her daughter how did she not see what was going on all this time.

In the end this film is genuine and sincere. It tugs at peoples emotions and if you have ever struggled in a mother-daughter relationship you can really relate. It shows the true bond a mother and daughter share. This movie contained everything I was wanting. There were many dramatic scenes, that suited the dialogue perfectly and the humor added in was splendid. Lindsay, Felicity and Jane’s acting in this film was excellent. Lindsay Lohan did take the cake though with this performance. Lindsay added life to this Cali girl. An A+ to her in this role. Jane’s performance, as always, was top-ranking. Georgia’s sharp and straightforward directions were amazing in this film. These three women together were very impressive. The chemistry between them was there and it created a masterpiece of a show. This is a must see!! 4 out of 4 stars

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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