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I Know Who Killed Me
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Reviewed on 2007-07-27
Received[0]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / Thriller
If the drugs and car chases donít put an end to Lindsay Lohanís career I can bet with certainty this movie will. This movie is targeted as a thriller, but should only be viewed by people in an asylum. It gets off to a good start with Lohan portraying Aubrey, a novelist in high school who suddenly goes missing, not long after another high school student is found dead. It starts off with a good base but from there this film crashes and burns. You soon see Aubrey being tortured by having limbs cut off. It is an intense look into something that no-one wants to see.

Aubrey is found on the side of the road and is rushed to the ER. When she awakes she has no arm and leg and is surrounded by people she does not recognize, including her parents. She claims she has never met her parents and does not know them, further she exclaims her name is not Audrey Flemming but is Dakota Moss and she is from a bad part of town and works in a strip club. Far from the sweet high school student Audrey was. After a few sessions with a shrink it is still undetermined whether or not Audrey has invented this imaginative person or if there is more to the story than she is telling. Dakota explains to the police how she in unaware of how her injuries happened and does not know who the abductor was.

In the end this film tries to pull of a stigmata effect and it just does not cut it. I would like to see how screenwriter Jeff Hammond pushed this storyline and made it to production. Not only was the storyline a joke but the filming was grainy and the direction had me needing a barf bag. If you do not handle seeing torture, blood and severed limbs this is not the movie for you. Within the first twenty minutes of this film there were a dozen or more people fleeing from this stinker. There is no suspense in this film, just a series of bizarre scenes that make you wonder why you attended this film at all. Lohanís portrayal of a night club stripper was damaging as well. She lacked sex appeal and looked half asleep during the sequence. I would suggest you never see this film unless you are an incredibly disturbed individual. By far the worse film I have seen this year and possibly within the last couple years as well. Donít waste your time or your money Ė I regret that I did!! 0 out of 4 stars

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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