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Hot Rod
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Reviewed on 2007-08-03
Received[0]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Comedy / Romance
Andy Samberg stars as Rod Kimble in a story about a wannabe stuntman preparing for the jump of his life. What someone should have told Andy is that Hot Rod will be far from hot at the box offices. Opening scenes surround Rod and his crew who are always looking for a stunt to pull off. After learning his stepfather, Frank is ill and needs a heart transplant Rod needs to raise money for his stepfather. He needs to do this to allow him more time to live so he can earn his respect. Rod comes up with the idea of jumping fifteen buses. He will do this in front of a sold out crowd and will be accepting donations to hopefully raise enough money.

Sadly, this is about all I had to review on. There was no plot or climax to this fairytale. This film had way too many movie fillers. Dispensable dialogue that needed to be cut, but if it was cut you would be left with a 60 minute film. Sequences of random outlandish clips that had me wondering what the writer was thinking. At some points I felt as if I was watching 1980ís Flashdance or a Broadway musical, that by the way, suddenly broke out into a riot. Yeah that was pretty random and was suppose to be humorous, but was not. I know there was some laughter at this film, but not enough to make it worth the while of sitting there to suffer through the entire film. If you want to see the outcome of Rodís stunt jump wait for the video and skip to the end.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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