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The Kingdom
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Reviewed on 2007-09-28
Received[4]  out of 4 stars

A jaw dropping look into something many Americans, like me, are all too unfamiliar with. That is what I found in The Kingdom. Starring Jamie Foxx as Ronald Fluery, an FBI agent, who is on a mission of discovery after an American facility is attacked in the Middle East. Ronald Fluery is accompanied by Janet Mayes (Jennifer Garner), Adam Leavitt (Jason Bateman), and Grant Sykes (Chris Cooper). This elite group enters the Saudi country in hopes of finding out what happened during the attack and bringing someone to justice. Americans living in this community were at a picnic when they were attacked by machine guns and an explosion, leaving few survivors. The agents soon learn they have limited access to the crime scene and the outside walls of the impound they are in, for their own safety.

After refusing to sit back and do nothing Fluery meets with the countries Prince and gets the approval to run the investigation. Fluery convinces the Prince that his team has the resources to solve this matter. Not long after being put in charge, Fluery has a suspect and knows how the explosive was put into place. Fluery needs to go outside the compound to collect more evidence and is allowed to despite others objections. This mission becomes more dangerous than ever as they go out into the unfamiliar Saudi territory with very little protection. After the investigation has concluded they feel they have a solid case and are prepared to move forward. The only problem is seeing how far they can get in an uncooperative country.

Eye opening is the best description of this film. One of the worst sins is committed based off of revenge and this is the focus of the film. It relays the message that do unto others as they do unto you. For example, you kill one of us; we in turn should kill one of yours. It is an ongoing cycle and at what point does it stop. Kudos to writer Matthew Michael Carnahan, who manages to pull off a great film on the Middle East, and not having too much focus on politics. There are many violent scenes, so this is not recommended for children. Intense action and great special effects complete this film. After viewing The Kingdom, I can no longer look at marbles the same way, as they are used as a weapon in the bombings. Something so harmless here, that is used for decoration and for our children. It is hard to imagine, but this is real life. Attacks like these are an everyday occurrence and I was pleased to see a film that turned the focus to this way of life. This thrilling movie is a must see, but be prepared it turns into an emotional roller coaster, but it is worth it!! 4 out of 4 stars!

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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