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The Brave One
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Reviewed on 2007-09-14
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreCrime / Drama / Thriller

At what point is the line drawn between wanting revenge and getting it? The Brave One proposes this question. Jodie Foster portrays Erica Bane, a local radio host, who becomes a different person after being assaulted in a park. Erica awakes to find her fiancé (Naveen Andrews) was fatally injured in the attack. She struggles to maintain a normal pace of existence. Survival does not come easily, as fear invades her mind and body relentlessly. Deciding not to be a victim any longer, Erica decides her source for protection will be a handgun. This gun will become more than protection for Erica.

It does not begin as a vigilante mission, but it soon turns into that. Erica uses her gun as a defense mechanism in the beginning, but soon learns she can help others. Erica becomes friends with Detective Mercer (Terrence Howard), getting tips on what evidence is collected at a homicide scene. These tips are helping her in her mission. Still unable to cope with her own loss she roams the streets at night, many times stopping by the place of her initial crime, unable to approach it. She is looking for closure, but will her anti-crime mission bring her this.

Jodie Foster has a standout performance in The Brave One. It is a three dimensional character, who is looking for revenge and closure but is having guilt all along. Jodie nails the character’s emotions. Both Terrence Howard and Nicky Katt (Detective Vitale) add humor to this film. One of the best lines referring to how the vigilante could not be a woman, “as they only kill shit they love.” The connection between Mercer and Erica draws you into this story and you can not wait to see how the ending will unfold. Overall the film contained intense drama, action, humor and sex appeal. What more could you ask for?? 3.5 out of 4 stars!!

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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