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Resident Evil: Extinction
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Reviewed on 2007-09-21
Received[1]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Adventure

Another action packed trilogy for Resident Evil: Extinction. Milla Jovovich as Alice, the machete totting zombie killing machine. After leaving Raccoon City she is on the road and meets up with a group of survivors. Deciding to work together to save them she tells them of the idea that Alaska may not be infected and that could be a good place to start over in. The movie does a pretty good job at staying game based, but overall not much else is interesting.

There was a lot of zombie slashing and eating. No doubt a lot of action, and the opening fight sequence when Alice is locked up and attacked by infected dogs is exciting, but the film falls down hill from there. It becomes just another average zombie film, with a little overkill on the zombie part. I found Milla to be boring and the whole film lacked character. Not to mention the jump out and scare you scenes were a little too much, and the sound was loud enough to blow several ear drums. What happened to the old zombie films that could scare you with just a look, not with hundred watt sound?

If you enjoy these sci-fi video game films than this one is for you. If you just don�t care and find yourself losing interest in fight sequences, than avoid this film. Just another attempt at a zombie flick, and not a good one. Extinction pretty much sums this films conclusion up. And let�s hope it stays that way.

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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