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The Heartbreak Kid
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Reviewed on 2007-10-05
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Drama / Romance

The Heartbreak Kid opens this weekend and is sure to bring in a large crowd with massive laughs. Starring the always comical Ben Stiller, as Eddie, a single guy in his forty’s, who is still searching for love. After a run in with a stunning woman outside a laundry mat he finds himself fascinated by her. Malin Akerman portrays Lila, Eddie’s new object of affection. Soon the two begin hanging out like two lusting lovers. When a career move threatens Eddie’s relationship he finds the best solution to be a quickie marriage to prevent losing Lila.

heartbreak-kid As soon as they leave for there honeymoon, a switch flicks and his loving wife becomes a stranger. After arriving at the resort his wife suffers from a sun mishap and remains in their suite. Eddie ventures out and soon captures the eye of a beautiful stranger. He meets Miranda, Michelle Monaghan, an exotic woman from Mississippi, on vacation with her family. They have an instant chemistry and Eddie finds it hard to pull himself away from her to spend anytime with his newlywed wife. Of course you can anticipate that this eventually going to blow up in Eddie’s face. This movie is raunchy, very raunchy, but manages to at the same time to be entertaining. If you are going into a Farrelly brother’s picture and not expecting it to push the line, then you are not in the right movie. Ben Stiller offered an uproarious comical act, but he paled in comparison to the real star, his father Jerry Stiller. Jerry is a tough act to follow and he stole every scene he was in.

Malin and Michelle, who portrayed the women in Eddie’s life, had outstanding performances. Malin, Eddie’s wife, you found yourself loving in the beginning and by the end were wishing she would just evaporate. At the same time you are routing for Miranda to win over Eddie. The comical act of Carlos Mencia, as Uncle Tito added just the right mix to make a hit comedy. Aside from all the sleazy moments this film had a great core storyline. Not recommended for the younger crowd, from nudity and language, this movie has its basis covered with its rating. The film made a mockery of marriage and sometimes that is what happens in real life. Not to mention this flick had the best ending line of movie history. Heartbreak Kid will mend your heart by the end of this film and have you breaking a stitch from continuous laughter.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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