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The Final Season
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Reviewed on 2007-10-15
Received[1]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / Sport

Not another real life sports tale. That is what you will be thinking after seeing The Final Season. Starring Sean Astin, as Kent Stock, the head coach for the Norway High School baseball team. The team who has been the reining champs for more than nineteen seasons. The pressure of the team is intensified upon learning this is their final season of playing baseball for Norway. There school will no longer exist as it will be joined with another local school due to funding cuts. Going in as the underdogs, with a new head coach and concerns of the following year of school can they pull off another championship win?

the-final-season Final Season focuses on many different aspects during this film. Such as economics and the effect the school closing will have on many of the small Ma and Pa stores near Norway High. The story also jumps in the wrong direction when it tries to create romance between Kent and Polly Hudson (Rachel Leigh Cook). There was no chemistry between the two and it did not fit the movie well.

Sadly this film was a let down. It had too many life events going on at once that were never concluded. The focus should have been on baseball and the school, not on the son who lost his mother, or the coach who lost his job, or on the father with heart trouble. The storyline frequently went off track and after awhile you found yourself losing interest in the moral of the story. Staying committed and being a team player is a good moral displayed in the storyline. However, the tagline should be changed from How Do You Want To Be Remembered, to How Do You Want To Be Forgotten? You will find yourself forgetting too!

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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