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August Rush
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Reviewed on 2007-11-21
Received[4]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / Musical

August Rush is a musical tale that can not escape time or space. Freddie Highmore is a musical prodigy who has chosen to use his incredible gift to hopefully reach out in the search for his parents. His mother, Lyla Novacek (Keri Russell), is a musical wonder herself, as is his father Louis (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) lead singer in a band. The two young musicians met eleven years ago following mutual musical highlight performances and spent a glorious night together. A night that would forever change both of their lives. Lyla finds herself to be pregnant with a disapproving father, until an unforeseen circumstance changes fate and she finds she has lost her son.

august-rush While Lyle and Louis life changes, we also see their son who is suffering. A determined young man who is set on finding his family. He believes that not only the moon, but the music will lead him to them. Eventually the music leads him to New York City, which coincidentally is the city he was conceived in. During his search he meets Wizard, portrayed by Robin Williams. Wizard is a low life who is using miss-guided children as performing street acts to help pay for his bad habits. When he discovers August's true talents he is not going to let him go easily. August being as strong minded and independent as he is, escapes the Wizard's grasp and finds himself being discovered for the true talent he has. No longer will August be a street performer, but he finds himself to be a composer for the concert in Central Park, and what better way to have someone hear your music than in New York's Central Park. Can August's dream come true of being reunited with his parents? Will his music truly have a reach to them?

Yes, the story is unrealistic, but it is a movie. Isn't this what we look for in films? Donít we want something to capture our attention and wanting more, which would include anticipation leading up to the revelation? This movie offers that and so much more. An amazing tale and performances by all. I was captivated and found myself with chills in the final scenes. The musical performances were amazing at all levels. From classical to rock demonstrating how all the notes were composed to illustrate the various connections. This story is about connecting the dots and is set to show how music can lead you home. About how strong the connection is between a parent and a child and how that love never escapes you. May be the best film I have seen in 2007. This film is definitely a chick flick, but I recommended you round up your loved one and enjoy this film. August will have you Rushing to theatres to witness his musical masterpiece.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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