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The Bucket List
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Reviewed on 2008-01-22
Received[4]  out of 4 stars
GenreAdventure / Comedy / Thriller

Do you ever imagine how you feel when you know you are going to die?? Terminal, a phrase, no person would ever want to hear. However, this is the scenario presented to two men. Jack Nicholson is Edward Cole, an elder man who has created a fortune for himself by purchasing hospitals and adding extra needed space, by cutting employees and requiring that there be two patients to every room. When Edward is presented with the idea of his on rule of two to a room he is rather unpleased. He is roomed with Carter Chambers, portrayed by Morgan Freeman. In the beginning these men are far from buddies. After enduring the long battle with chemo and recovery the two become close.

bucket-list When Edward finds a list of desires that Carter has for himself prior to kicking the bucket, Edward decides to grant his wishes, stating he has all the money needed for these life experiences and why waste anymore time. After getting Carter to jump on board with the idea, his first task is jumping out of a plane. From there on it is adventure after adventure. All along you see these two develop a deep caring relationship. That relationship has some bumps in the road as any does, when Carter tries to convince Edward to get back in touch with his daughter. When this happens the friendship breaks down.

After how close these two have become question is will Edward and Carter manage to rebuild there friendship in there final months or days? An endearing film that will bring you to tears and have you cherishing every relationship and day you have. Jack and Morgan could not have been better paired for this film and have a dynamite performance. The storyline was an amazing tale to see played out. A definite must see. This film has you laughing, crying and amazed at how many things you take for granted, but this movie certainly should not be. A feel good movie, itís about time!

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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