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27 Dresses
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Reviewed on 2008-01-22
Received[4]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Romance

27 Dresses a cute romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. Katherine stars as Jane, an enthused wedding attendee who is there for everyone’s wedding as the bridesmaid, never being able to plan for her own wedding. James is Kevin a writer for commitments in the New York Tribune. Jane is an assistant to her boss who she has a mad crush on. That crush is soon dismissed when he shows an admiration for her sister Tess. Jane meets a peculiar Kevin, portrayed by James Marsden, at a wedding and is turned off by his cynical attitude towards love and marriage.

Jane who is always saying yes to everything and everyone is being challenged by her new friend Kevin. Trying to get her to think outside her box and become more open to the possibility that she can say no. When Jane learns that her sister and her crush are engaged and want a wedding in three weeks, Jane is crushed and turns to Kevin for console. The two become close and even closer after a drunken night in a rain storm. There attraction soon turns to disdain, when Jane finds that Kevin has been using her to complete a story about her obsession with being a bridesmaid and never a bride. This is a big blow to Jane and the relationship she had hoped to have with Kevin.

Katherine is again a comical hit. Always a pleasant surprise to watch and it looks like she has another good hit on her hands, and has proven she can handle the big screen. There was great chemistry between Heigl and Marsden. This romantic wedding fairy tale was a true enjoyment to watch. One of the best romantic comedies I have seen within the last few months. This flick offered you a real love story and meaning behind marriage and the hope, that every woman hopes to find in hers.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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