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Reviewed on 2008-03-28
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / War
Stop-Loss is an eye opening experience, with a look into the Iraq war and the consequences our troops our paying. One can not be guaranteed that this is an accurate account, but if you watch the news things seem pretty similar. Brandon King (Ryan Phillipe) is a team leader in Iraq who has lost three of his own men in a recent mission. He returns home to Texas where he and his best friend Steve Shriver (Channing Tatum) have plans to leave the army now. They have paid for their tours in Iraq and are ready to get out. When Brandon goes to base to turn in his articles he is told that he needs to report for duty, back to Iraq in 6 weeks. After stating his point that this is his day to be called off duty, he is told he has been stop-loss, a law that no longer makes the army a volunteer process, but rather a draft of troops who are enlisted.

This enrages Brandon who is determined on not going back. You see the gut wrenching side effects this war has had on the men upon their return, lack of emotions, constant fear, and an anger that does not seem to go away. Each of the men seem to be throwing their lives away when they get home, and Brandon is determined that his life will not be changed any further. The only option is to run, not run away, but start fresh and if it is in another country, than so be it. As much as Brandon is prepared to take flight, can he leave his loved home and family, not to mention can he turn his back on his friends enlisted?

Stop Loss had great meaning and made you take a deep look into the young men we have fighting in a war that seems unending. You may or may not agree with the war we are in, but most people will agree in the support of our troops and most everyone should feel the best option is for them to get home safely to their families. Stop Loss did not touch base on politics too much and made our men look like heroes. Ryan Phillipe, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Channing Tatum had excellent performances. This movie had its shortfalls, but overall was pleasing and should be appealing to the younger generation. Stop Loss turns out to be a good film to catch with your soldier.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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