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Baby Mama
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Reviewed on 2008-04-25
Received[4]  out of 4 stars
Let's start the Baby Mama drama. Starring two of Saturday Night Lives hit comics, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Tina Fey as Kate Holbrook, a successful vice president of an organic grocer, who is feeling the ticking of her baby clock. After spending most of her life furthering her career she has put off motherhood and now wanting a child more than ever her options are slim. With no husband to share a child with she turns to insemination, in-vitro and adoption. After all of these options fail to offer her a child in a timely manner, she turns to find a surrogate mother, enter Amy Poehler as Angie Ostrowiski. Angie enters as the trashy girl looking to earn a quick buck by carrying someone else's child. After Angie becomes pregnant by Kate's eggs, her husband kicks her out and with nowhere else to go she turns to Kate for shelter.

The two become an odd couple living together. Angie and Kate argue over everything from food, cleanliness and what is best for Kate's baby. You see Kate become controlling over Angie's choices, as she wants the best for her unborn child and the two are in a constant struggle over what is best for Angie while she is pregnant. After becoming a surrogate mother you can expect that Angie brings all of her life drama along with her, which includes her idiot husband Carl, portrayed by Dax Shepard. Carl has a secret about the pregnancy that could destroy the baby mama plan, but will Angie cut him off before he reaches Kate? Also added into the equation is the new man in Kate's life. She becomes smitten with Rob (Greg Kinnear), but fails to tell him of her upcoming "birth". The baby drama comes to head when the new boyfriend and Angie's husband show up at the baby shower held in honor of both the surrogate mother and mommy to be.

This was a light hearted and entertaining film. Finally something you can sit back and enjoy. With great comedy acts from Amy and Tina, you will find yourself laughing till it hurts. Another surprising scene performance is by former SNL star Steve Martin, who portrays Barry, the pony tail wearing and meditating health nut who transfers his mojo to coworkers through methods of nonstop eye contact. Steve had an amazing performance, one of the best I have ever seen!! With so many great comic talents it would be impossible for this film to come out any less than perfect. For any mommy to be or woman hopeful to have a child of her own, this film cannot be missed. The film takes you on the nine month journey and has a classic fairy tale ending. This one will not disappoint and will offer so many laughs that you will find yourself recommending this flick to everyone you know.

Review By: Jolene Mendez

"Baby Mama" review by Erwin K. Roberts

What to make of this film? By some of the publicity, one might expect an extended Saturday Night Live skit. Not being fond of the current SNL, I'm glad this was not the case. Other indicators seemed to point to being raunchy like The 40 Year Old Virgin. Again, thankfully not so.

Michael McCullers, screenwriter for Undercover Brother, two Austin Powers scripts, 20 SNL's and, surprisingly, Thunderbirds, makes his directorial debut with this sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful story of surrogate motherhood.

Tina Fey, of 30 Rock and SNL, plays Kate, a top notch thirty-seven year old executive for an organic grocery chair. Tired of punching snooze on her biological clock, she discovers that adoption may take forever and that she has a one in a million chance of getting pregnant. Through a surrogate mother service she hires Angie, played by SNL's Amy Poehler, who wouldn't know organic if it slapped her in the face. Confusion and complications follow.

Greg Kinnear (as Kate's love interest), Dax Shepard (Angie's sometime boy friend), Romany Malco (Kate's doorman), and ER's Maura Tierney (Kate's sister) fill out the main cast. For no obvious reason Steve Martin plays the the organic market chain's super-mellow owner. (Man, the 1960's were far too good to the character.) And Sigourney Weaver runs the surrogate service owner.

Baby Mama can make you laugh. It can make you stop and think about the situation. Just don't expect belly laughs galore.


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