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Get Smart - Reviewed By Jolene Mendez
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Reviewed on 2008-06-24
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreAction / Comedy / Crime
Steve Carell is at it again with "Get Smart". Maxwell Smart (Carell), aka Agent 86 who has worked hard to become an agent in the field, has reached his goal and is paired with an independent and beautiful Agent 99, portrayed by Anne Hathaway. At first, the duo fight like cats and dogs and finally come to an agreement that they need to work together against the enemy. They are investigating weapons of mass destruction that are being produced overseas and the chance that these are going to be used against the United States in the very near future. As all agents are being targeted for assassination, the two must work quickly and efficiently to solve this case.

The investigation takes a turn and Agent 86 is quickly looked at as a double agent. Insisting he is innocent, and set on proving it, he uses his agent skills to escape imprisonment and rushes to Agent 99ís side to help protect the city from impending danger. Once the pair are reunited, their skills kick into gear and they quickly try to find where the incident will occur. They discover it is surrounding the presidentís appearance at the Disney music theatre. The agents rush there, running into further trouble when a fellow agent is truly found to be a double agent. Can they escape this agent and rescue the City of Angels in time??

This movie had great flair. Hathaway and Carell as a pair were charismatic. They played very well off of one another and I found them to have great chemistry. But they were not the only stand out roles in this film. Letís not forget to mention the other agents. Agent 23, portrayed by Dwayne Johnson in another knock Ďem out role, and Terry Crews who portrayed Agent 91, offered a very entertaining performance. Mr. Las Vegas himself, James Caan, as the president, was another comical hit. With these standout performances you could not go wrong. This film was full of laughs and agent stunts that had my heart racing. Another hit for Carell and a great summer hit for all that is a must see!!

Review By: Jolene Mendez

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