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Pineapple Express
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Reviewed on 2008-08-11
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Crime / Thriller
Another guilty pleasure brought to you by the Apatow group. This summerís flick is "Pineapple Express" starring James Franco and Seth Rogen. Saul Silver (Franco) is a drug dealer who is forced to go on the run with stoner Dale Denton (Rogen). Saul is a clueless fool in this chase and unfortunately Dale is not far behind him in the common sense department. The chase all begins with "Pineapple Express," a new high powered drug that is sworn to be unlike any other. Saul is the only dealer selling it on the market and he offers it to Dale who gladly accepts. When Dale is smoking in his car, he witnesses a brutal murder. He immediately flees the scene, but not before being noticed. Daleís bad luck continues when his weed bud is picked up by the home owner, who turns out to be the drug lord, who can trace the weed back to Saul.

Dale runs to Saulís apartment in hopes of protection from the murdering cop. When Dale realizes that the "Pineapple Express" links him to Saul he knows they will soon track him down. They flee as they believe the murderers are after them. The two stoners do not make it very far outside the city before needing to return for snacks. Saul decides to find out if they can return home by calling his supplier Red (Danny McBride). When contacting Red he finds out that everything is fine and that there is nothing new, but the viewers see that Red is trying to set up Saul and Dale for capture. Once Saul and Dale get to Redís home they know something is up. An intense fight breaks out, one that can not be missed.

Once Saul and Dale know the coast is clear they take off again. This time when they escape, they have a run in with the police which turns bad. Saul tries to protect Dale but only makes things worse after stealing a police car and causing more damage. Dale begins to get frustrated with Saulís aloof behavior and lets him know it. The two argue and wind up going there separate ways. When Dale finds out that the murderers goons have caught Saul he is determined to save him. The tale of Pineapple Express is far from over at this point and an explosion of comedy awaits you.

Definitely can not be compared to Superbad or Knocked Up, but another secure comedy brought to use by both Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow. Seth certainly portrayed the scared stoner on the run very well. Sethís standout scene being a physical fight with Gary Cole (drug lord Ted Jones), as the two spar like a couple of idiots and you are not sure of what they are doing but it is funny as heck to watch. James Francoís role, playing as the dense pot seller in his first comedy, was a great addition to his budding career showing his versatility in a film. Although there are a few slow spots the ďbromanceĒ film does recover and turns out to be an exciting and entertaining comedy. Catch the "Pineapple Express" and make sure to bring a friend.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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