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Reviewed on 2008-11-27
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreDrama / Fantasy / Romance / Thriller
Note: Two Movie Reviews submitted below for "Twilight" by Keith Cohen and Jolene.

Twilight is Great Entertainment
3 Stars (Out of four)

Review by Keith Cohen, "The Movie Guy"

The highly anticipated screen adaptation of the addictive novel by Stephenie Meyer has finally arrived in theaters.

Meyer’s four-book series has sold 17 million copies worldwide and has drawn comparisons to J.K. Rowling and the "Harry Potter" pop culture phenomenon.

This movie has whipped into a frenzy its huge and devout following of predominantly teenage girls and young women. Those who have read the first book have a definite advantage on all the nuances, innuendos and unique characteristics of the players.

Catherine Hardwicke ("Thirteen" and "The Nativity Story") directs a youthful cast of virtually unknown actors who should become big stars with the three remaining installments already in the planning stage. Bella (Kristen Stewart of "Into the Wild" and "Panic Room") is a 17-year-old junior in high school who moves from Phoenix to Forks, Wash., to live with her divorced, chief of police dad, Charlie (Billy Burke from "24").

Her many traits include being school-smart, mature beyond her years, vulnerable, fearless, expressive and tough. She is also clumsy, awkward and accident-prone. She seems to attract bad luck. Every female in the audience sees herself as this damsel in distress.

Bella sits next to a strikingly handsome Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson who played Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire") in biology class and he looks at her with hungry black eyes. His dashing good looks make him the object of affection for the estrogen set. Bella and Edward have a strong mutual attraction and form an inseparable romantic bond.

The forbidden qualities of "Romeo and Juliet" are in evidence, except for an unexpected twist. Edward is a vampire who must exercise restraint to resist an insatiable craving for Bella’s intoxicating, sweet-smelling blood.

Edward possesses lightning quick reflexes, superior strength and speed, and has the ability to hear people’s thoughts. This mind-reading gift doesn’t include Bella, which totally frustrates him.

Bella narrates during the course of the movie, which makes the audience privy to her inner thoughts.

The finely woven story has a rich tapestry quality that triggers your imagination and holds your interest. Stewart and Pattinson have a steamy chemistry. Other strengths include the special effects, stunt work and the magnificent scenic views of the Pacific Northwest.

The movie also injects humor when Bella meets Edward’s large "vegetarian" family. This designation indicates that they only drink animal blood, which never provides the full satisfaction derived from the human variety.

The movie’s drawbacks include a shaky camera at times, too many facial close-ups and a drab, washed-out picture quality. Some of the more memorable scenes include a baseball game played during a lightning storm, the two lovers lying in the grass surrounded by nature, a passionate kissing scene in Bella’s bedroom and a climbing sequence through a rainforest ending above the treetops.

The movie has a sense of urgency and lives up to the hype. It shows how deadly and dangerous a taboo relationship between a fragile human and a protective immortal "cold one" can be.

The cinematic experience makes an indelible impression and stays with you long after the lights come up. This fantasy escapist fare is the perfect antidote to the woes of our troubled economic times.

As an introductory installment, it sets things up nicely and leaves you wanting to come back for more. Don’t miss the landmark entertainment event that will be the talk of the nation.

Review By:
Keith Cohen, "The Movie Guy"


Twilight 4 Stars (Out of four)

Review by Jolene Mendez

What’s all the fuss about? I along with many others will find themselves asking this question when discussing the film "Twilight". I was unaware of the pandemonium surrounding this film until recently. "Twilight" is based on a novel, one in a series of four, which has been the #1 best seller on the New York Times best selling series for thirty weeks and counting. A novel released back in 2005 by Stephanie Meyer. A book finally brought to the big screen with assistance from director Catherine Hardwicke. A modern day romance starring new comers Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen.

Bella has recently relocated to the small town of Forks, Washington from Phoenix, Arizona. Moving to Forks to live with her father, as her mother travels with her husband to Florida. Bella feels like an outsider at first at her new school, but soon finds an undeniable attraction to Edward. The attraction only intensifies when Edward uses his un-human strength to save Bella’s life. Soon Bella can not stay away from Edward and only finds his mysteriousness a new obsession of hers. Once Bella reveals the truth to Edward that she knows he is known as the “cold one”, what we know as a vampire and she is not afraid, he gives into his temptation and decides not to push her away anymore. As Edward so eloquently puts it, “The Lamb fell for the Lion”.

The story only intensifies when Bella’s safety is put on the line and Edward is forced to send her away for her protection. Of course things do not go as planned and Bella does fall victim, will her soul mate be there when she needs rescuing or will she suffer for her desire to be with the undead? Now that you know what all the fuss is about, you’ll find yourself wanting to read the best selling novel. I have heard the movie does not surpass the novel, but from a one viewing opinion I loved it. I thought the intensity and old time romance feel the film had was just the right touch. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had amazing chemistry and performances. The mood of the film was played out by the scenery offered, the ominous clouds and forest of trees and fog. A must see and a must for a sequel. Can anyone say New Moon 2010?

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