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Reviewed on 2008-12-01
Received[4]  out of 4 stars
GenreCrime / Drama / Mystery
"Changeling" stars the talented Angelina Jolie as Christine Collins. Set back in the era of 1920ís Christine is a single working mother. Upon being called into work one day she leaves her young son at home. When she returns home she finds him missing. After a reluctant search of the neighborhood for him she calls authorities only to be told it is too early to report him as missing and to call back later. As days turn into months it looks as if the distraught mother may never be reunited with her son. Until one day out of the blue a young boy claims to be her son Walter. Christineís prayers have been answered when he son returns home. Only thing is Walter is not the same Walter that left. Immediately Christine is convinced this boy is not her son and tells the Detective who only manipulates her into believing it is her son, it has been a long time and to give him a chance to get back into his routine.

It does not take long for Christine to confirm this is not her son. As her demands to the police department to further investigate this fall on deaf ears she takes matters into her own hands. She confronts them head on, first by alerting the media that the LAPD made a mistake and brought back a boy that is not her son and are refusing to investigate any further into her case. Her desperate search for her son causes her to take on the police who in turn fight back. They paint Christine as an unfit mother and label her as insane and sentence her to a stay at the psych ward. Her only ally being local activist Reverend Briegleb (John Malkovich), who takes notice when Christine is missing.

Christine is a strong woman who is challenging the system and putting her life on the line in the desperate search for her son. Will her son ever be found? Changeling is a powerful and heart jerking true story. The amazing Angelina Jolie takes you back to the 1920ís era and you feel her pain and desperation for closure. The other wow factor is offered from Clint Eastwood, behind the camera, again offering another stellar role as director. This film is one to take notice at. With a powerful performance and storyline you wonít be left dissatisfied.

Review By: Jolene Mendez


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