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Bride Wars
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Reviewed on 2009-01-09
Received[2.5]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Romance
Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) have been inseparable best friends for two decades. They grew up together in suburban New Jersey sharing a common dream. Their perfect scenario is a June wedding ceremony held at the ultimate bridal destination – New York City’s Plaza Hotel.

Liv is a competitive attorney who lives with her boyfriend, Daniel. Her closest relative is her handsome and understanding brother Nathan since their parents are both deceased.

Emma is a passive middle school teacher with a pleasant demeanor. She has known her significant other, Fletcher, since high school. They are also cohabitating in a small apartment.

Both gals are itching to tie the knot. After accepting marriage proposals and engagement rings, they make a joint appointment to see Marion St. Claire (Candice Bergen), the most sought after wedding planner in Manhattan. She advises them that they have been dead until now and that the big “I do” day is the first meaningful one in the rest of their lives.

The girls are in luck because there are three openings in June at the Plaza. Two are on the first Saturday and one on the last Saturday. Liv chooses June 6 and Emma selects June 27.

The planning phase begins, with each girl agreeing to be the respective maid of honor. Emma plans to wear her mother’s dress down the aisle. Liv chooses a Vera Wang strapless white gown. She is advised not to gain any weight because you don’t alter this designer label.

Everything is hunky dory until they are advised that a clerical error has their weddings booked on the same June 6 date (ironically the anniversary of D-Day) in different ballrooms on the same floor of the historic venue.

Emma opposes the idea of a double wedding. She has shared things her whole life and wants her own special day to be in the spotlight. Cutthroat tactics ensue as things turn competitive when neither gal will budge in changing the date.

Liv encapsulates the dirty tricks that follow when she warns Emma that “Your wedding had better watch it.”

This cleverly titled movie directed by Gary Winick (“13 Going on 30” and “Charlotte’s Web”) is the epitome of the chick flick. Hudson and Hathaway don’t disappoint their legion of cinematic female fans. They capitalize on their adorable personalities.

It is difficult to take sides since the estrogen-infused audience will be able to identify with the mood swings, honest emotions and character traits exhibited by these two vibrant ladies.

This enjoyable and entertaining movie fits like a glove into the January slot previously occupied in past years by “27 Dresses,” “Just Married” and “The Wedding Planner.”

Bergen, who also serves as the narrator, makes a classy appearance in a role that suits her to a T. Comedic relief is provided by two-time Emmy Award winner Kristen Johnson (“3rd Rock from the Sun”) playing Emma’s reluctant maid of honor and fellow school teacher.

Guys forced by their dates into seeing this may derive some pleasure watching these two foxy ladies trading verbal barbs and shaking their booty in a sexy dance-off contest.

The movie shows that life can be messy and how unrealistic it is to expect everything to be perfect on “the biggest day in a girl’s life.” With the promise of new beginnings, this is not a bad way to start 2009 at the movies.

Review By:
Keith Cohen, "The Movie Guy"


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