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The Proposal
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Reviewed on 2009-06-20
Received[3]  out of 4 stars
GenreComedy / Romance
Two Reviews below, first by Keith Cohen and then by Jolene Mendez.

Gorgeous Sandra Bullock ("Two Weeks Notice" and "Miss Congeniality") is teamed with hunk Ryan Reynolds ("Definitely, Maybe" and "National Lampoon's Van Wilder") in this funny and entertaining comedy.

Anne Fletcher ("27 Dresses") directs the cleverly written script by first-time screenwriter Peter Chiarelli.

Margaret Tate (Bullock) is a tyrannical editor-in-chief at a Manhattan publishing company. When she arrives at the office each morning, everyone looks busy after receiving the instant message "It's here!" Her assistant, Andrew Paxton (Reynolds), loathes his boss and refers to her as "Satan's mistress." She has tormented him for three years, but he has put up with her antics because he loves the publishing business. He has even written his own manuscript.

The plot is set in motion when Tate is informed that her visa application has been denied and she is being deported back to her native Canada. In order to extricate herself from this dire predicament, she concocts a bogus impending marriage to an unsuspecting Paxton. She convinces her flabbergasted assistant that his job is dependent on her staying with the company. He makes her get down on her knees to propose to him.

In exchange for his participation in this fraudulent and illegal act, he gets her to agree to promote him to editor and to immediately publish his book.

They must deceive an immigration agent (Tony Award winner Denis O'Hare from "Duplicity" and "Milk" who was born in Kansas City, Mo.) and convince him they are truly in love. Their first big test of credibility occurs when they fly to Alaska for an extended weekend to meet Paxton's eccentric family and friends.

The supporting cast includes Mary Steenburgen ("Joan of Arcadia") as Andrew's caring mother; Craig T. Nelson ("The District" and "Coach") as Andrew's aloof dad who wants his son to take over the family business; Betty White ("The Golden Girls" and "Boston Legal") as Andrew's spunky grandmother celebrating her 90th birthday; Malin Ackerman ("Watchmen" and "The Heartbreak Kid") as the college sweetheart Andrew left behind; and Oscar Nunez ("The Office") playing multiple hilarious roles in the small town of Sitka.

Bullock and Reynolds have great chemistry. Their charade forces them to share the same bedroom. They play the "getting to know you" game. They get to check each other out in various forms of undress.

Bullock is often the butt of the physical jokes in this fish-out-of-water scenario. She reveals more of her knockout body than in any previous movie. White is fabulous and steals every scene she appears in. Nunez makes an impression as a waiter, an exotic dancer and a justice of the peace.

The picturesque setting features snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear waters and tree-lined forests. Women who are secretaries or personal assistants will be especially delighted with the role reversals and the pleasure of seeing a bitchy boss get her comeuppance.

This crowd pleaser brings home the importance of having a loving family that cares deeply about your welfare. The movie zips by with a brisk pace that holds your interest while pushing all the right buttons. The "here comes the bribe" relationship between these two likable personalities mirrors that of an ice cream cone that starts off freezing cold and then deliciously melts from the sizzling summer heat. Perfect for a date or a girls' night out.

Review By:
Keith Cohen "The Movie Guy"


Review Below By:
Jolene Mendez of

3 out of 4 Stars

Summer has blossomed its first romantic comedy of the season, and fireworks are going to fly! In “The Proposal” Sandra Bullock stars as Margaret, a tough as nails boss who is a force to be reckoned with. She seems especially hard on her assistant Andrew portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, who is at her side at all times. Margaret’s life revolves solely around her career as an editor; because of this her citizenship is jeopardized when her Visa is denied. With few options available and on the spur of the moment to save her job Margaret informs her boss that her assistant Andrew proposed to her. Obviously stunned Andrew follows suit knowing any objection could cost him his job.

Margaret is oblivious to what the repercussions could be for this lie and the possibility of jail time for both parties. After visiting immigration services to inform the officer of their pending nuptials he informs the pair of the possible punishments. Also informing them he will watch their every move, interview co-workers, family and friends, eventually holding separate meetings with the newlyweds to quiz them on their knowledge about each other. Attempting to learn everything in the matter of a week seems to be a struggle for Margaret as she knows nothing about Andrew. Andrew proves to Margaret working as her right hand man has taught him much of what he needs to know about who she is. Following the meeting the duo travels away to Alaska for the weekend to visit Andrew’s parents. Once their Margaret learns a few secrets about Andrew and is intrigued. As the weekend goes on we see Margaret let her guard down as she lets Andrew’s family become her family. From the first kiss the “couple” shares we see sparks fly.

"The Proposal" is a charming film, truly entertaining and comical all the way to the closing credits. It fills the time wisely and offers no fillers. Nothing was predictable about this film, as it leaves you wondering where Andrew’s heart really lies and how Margaret feels. Fiery chemistry between Reynolds and Bullock was amazing. Ryan Reynolds brings the naturally charming and comical side, while Sandra Bullock showed a different side as the diva with an attitude. “The Proposal” is going to be this summer’s romantic comedy blockbuster. I was engaged by this film and can’t wait to see it again. I propose you not to enjoy it!

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