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Capitalism: A Love Story
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Reviewed on 2009-10-02
Received[3.5]  out of 4 stars
Michael Moore (“Sicko”) is being facetious with the title of his latest documentary. Depending on whether you are among the rich “haves” in the upper 1 percent or the poor “have- nots” making up the rest of America, our economic system of free enterprise has either brought love and material possessions or a nightmare-inducing horror with a loss of jobs, homes and life savings. Moore’s tongue-in-cheek humor is evident in this entertaining and informative film that covers a lot of ground with a scattershot approach in two hours.

Moore presents human interest stories that you will not have heard about on the evening news. They make you feel sad and angry. The movie sets the stage with surveillance tapes of actual bank robberies shown over the opening credits. Moore, who narrates in his reassuring voice, describes his latest masterpiece as a financial disaster movie. He believes that unregulated capitalism guided by the profit motive does not work anymore. The American people have been robbed by people wearing suits rather than masks. They reside on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C.

Moore conducts his customary man on the street interviews and is denied filming rights at the General Motors headquarters in Detroit. He attempts to make citizen’s arrests of high-ranking corporate executives in front of various financial institutions. He even drives a Brink’s armored vehicle through the streets of Manhattan in hopes of filling it up with a recovery of the $700 billion of bail-out money provided by U.S. taxpayers.

Moore is trying to shake things up and remind ordinary Americans that they still have an equal say at the voting booth. He views Obama’s election as president as a positive step for much-needed changes. He frequently blurs the distinction between democracy and capitalism since one represents a political system of government and the other is an economic term. The dirty word “socialism” is brought up which Moore indicates is a distasteful subject to the rich and powerful who worship greed and corruption.

Moore’s liberal agenda has drawn staunch criticism. He claims to be a “man of the people” fighting in the name of the working class against the injustices of the big guys with deep pockets. Despite the way he looks and dresses, Moore has made millions pointing out what is wrong with America. He offers very little in the way of solutions to fix the problems. If you are looking for a fair and balanced approach, you are barking up the wrong tree.

Moore is no different from other talented and creative filmmakers who take a biased view advocating one side of an argument. The centerpiece of this documentary is a shocking and dynamic reel of archival footage. A frail-looking President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposes a second bill of rights. FDR believed that to ensure security and prosperity for the American people in the future, every citizen had the right to a job, a home, medical care and an education. He also expressed concern for senior citizens and advocated freedom from unfair competition. He unfortunately died before anything could be enacted.

History is full of hard lessons that must be studied so that unfortunate events will not rear their ugly heads and happen again. This movie should be viewed by every patriotic American. It could be a catalyst for healthy discussions and spirited debates of very serious and important topics.

Review By:
Keith Cohen "The Movie Guy"


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